About Webvent

Webvent was created to help publishers, associations and subject matter experts connect content to business partnerships. Our clients use the flexibility of the platform to grow media revenue while simplifying webcast management.


Some Quick Webvent FAQ's Y'All:

  • We are headquartered in Lewisville, TX and have offices in Baltimore and Amsterdam.

  • Our production team manages about 500 LIVE webcasts per year.

  • There are more than 20,000 profiles throughout Webvent's directory platform.

  • Our Co-Founders met through a client introduction in 2011.


Nick Kuppers

Chief Executive Officer

Nick co-founded Webvent to create a place where people from different organizations from all over the world could meet and connect through online events. He feels this would have been very helpful when he was growing their small software company from the Netherlands into a global success years ago. Today at Webvent, Nick looks after finance and operations and helps new clients come on board and be successful in connecting with their peers.


Rick Borry

Chief Architect

Rick joined Webvent after 12 years of building online technology for traditional conferences and events. He wanted a platform to host a virtual community of solar energy professionals, and found that vision in Webvent.  He continues to work on the Webvent technology team to advance the foundation of software tools to let associations and virtual communities connect and grow their audience.


Sean Soth

Chief Connector

Sean brings over 20 years of business development experience to Webvent's partners and customers.  With association enterprise as a focus, Sean sees opportunity through a deep lens of media, event and digital revenue experiences.  Sean also leads a team as President of Hi-Fidelity Group, a valued association partner focused on revenue growth through exhibits, sponsorships and advertising programs.