What is Webvent?

More than a Buyers Guide – a Professional Content Network

Webvent provides your association with a unique, B2B Content Marketing platform.  We help your association share content through sponsored webinars, white papers, product showcases, and company directories. This results in member benefits and additional non-dues revenue streams for your association.

Advertisers are given an easy-to-use administrative interface that allows them to highlight their products and services, video, social media, content, and much more.  With Webvent, associations can now create a dynamic marketplace designed to help their captive member audience reach the suppliers they need all year long.


Webvent Buyers Guides

Buyers Guides

Suppliers want to cast as wide a net as possible to capture more sales, but audiences want to eliminate spam and hear only from people in whom they have an immediate interest. Webvent creates a balanced solution through content-driven buyers guides.


Webinar Module

Webvent helps you manage webinars and online events from start to finish in one application. Webvent can save up to 80% of the cost and effort for hosting events online, compared to using separate systems for content, invitations, registration, payments, web conferencing, and archived material.

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Whitepaper Module

The best way to engage prospects, generate trust and draw them into your sales funnel is to give them truly useful information. A popular marketing tool to accomplish that is the whitepaper. Webvent manages your association whitepaper program, which result in member benefits and additional non-dues revenue streams for your association.



Social Media

Webvent’s Social Media plugins allow each company to pull together YouTube videos, Twitter feed, Facebook page, LinkedIn connections, and blog into its Webvent company profile.



Discover Connections

The combination of listing your company profile in a buyers guide, showing your social media channels in the profile, and sponsoring webinars results in great search engine optimization and significantly increases the number of unique visitors and page views of your profile.




Product Showcase

Products Showcase Module

Manage product information from companies listed in the buyers guide. Aggregating content from different suppliers into a feed of product previews, demos, and updates provides a wealth of information to the audience.


Professional Services

Webvent offers a variety of Professional Services to support our products. Although you can do everything yourself with our easy-to-use tools, we also offer experts to handle webinar production, custom design, and sponsorship sales. Contact us to discuss your needs.