A Buyer's Guide for NOW

Connects your exhibitor, advertiser, or business partner universe to your member audience.

Associations and publishers use Webvent's Directory platform to design unique digital experiences for business partners.  Grow beyond simple listings, and provide your marketplace with a dynamic advertising experience.  Qualified search connects your exhibitor, advertiser, or business partner universe to your member audience.  Advertiser profiles curate the digital assets your customers want to share with your members.  Buyer's Guides, Directories, Marketplaces, Exchanges...whatever your audience needs, Webvent's Directory platform can be customized for the look, feel and tone of your organization!


Grow Revenue

  • Webvent profiles provide basic and advanced options to meet your market

  • Give your advertisers dynamic tools to share their best marketing assets

  • Webvent profiles help bridge the gap for expos that need to move online 365 days a year

  • OWN your marketplace


Keep It Simple

  • Advertisers can self-administer profiles

  • Flexible platform options allow for easy listings or advanced micro-sites


Get Creative

  • Easy to use tools allow your team to cross-promote advertisers

  • Connect to advertiser content in new and unique ways

  • Add to existing sales opportunities or position separately


Have Fun

  • Give your marketplace a solution that advertisers will enjoy building

  • Showcase great examples of your advertisers own content

  • Improve staff satisfaction, Webvent makes webcast management easy


Marcus Maleck

Business Partnerships Manager, Society for Clinical Research Sites

"Our Resource Guide Network provides a year-round tool for members to connect with our exhibitors and other supporters. Webvent's platform also helps our team add value and options to our existing portfolio. Advertisers can go all out with unique features or maintain a simple listing to keep them visible in their business category."