AIHA Sponsored Webinars Generates Best-of-Year Lead Pipeline

December 10, 2014 (Falls Church, VA)

The third year of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Synergist Webinar series is under way. AIHA runs webinars using the Webvent webinar module, and attracts a large audience to every webinar by presenting high quality content.

These large audiences attract sponsors for good reason. A representative “lead pipeline” for AIHA sponsored webinars is below:

  • 10,000 email invitations sent out
  • 742 people registered
  • 311 people attended live, with 409 total listeners, and 53 people viewed the recording after the webinar was finished
  • 137 people requested the Sponsor’s whitepaper
  • And 49 people requested the Sponsor’s product demo

49 highly qualified requests for a product demo from a one-hour commitment by the Sponsors’ experts! In industrial Hygiene, that is among the best lead generation activities of the year for many sponsors.

About AIHA

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) is one of the largest international associations serving the needs of occupational and environmental health and safety professionals practicing industrial hygiene in industry, government, labor, academic institutions, and independent organizations.

About the Webvent webinar module

The Webvent webinar module helps you manage webinars and virtual summits from start to finish in one application. Webvent can save up to 80% of the cost and effort for hosting events online, compared to using separate systems for website content, invitations, registration, payments, web conferencing, and archived material. The Webvent webinar module helps you setup your webinar website with webinar details, presenters, sponsors, and calendar in no time, and keeps all your published content up to date in an easy to use application.