Webvent Platform Grows with Increasing Customer Base

January 24, 2013 (Boston, MA) –

Our development team has been improving the Webvent’s platform with feedback from our recent customers. The following new features just went live:

1. You can choose from 3 types of ‘Directory Listings’

  • Company Profile List.  This is the traditional way of displaying featured companies with premium profiles on top and basic profiles underneath in alphabetical order.
  • Categories with 3 top Company Profiles.  Per category, 3 company profiles rotate in the top 3 positions in that category.
  • Categories by Group.  In this appearance the categories are grouped together and the company profiles are listed when you select a category in a specific group.

With these different types of listings we can adapt more flexibly to different customer needs in terms of number of company profiles listed and sponsorship opportunities created

2. We added a ‘Community Manager’ Role
In addition to the ‘Owner’ and the ‘Admin’ roles in any community we added the ‘Community Manager’ role.  Anyone with that role has access to all company profiles listed in the buyers guide, which adds tremendous flexibility in maintaining the content, and a central ‘go-to’ person in that community.

3. We made Improvements to the ‘Manage Webcasts’ process
These consist of:

  • UI improvements – more icons, better instructions
  • Host & Registration process improvements. It is clearer now when a webcast is hosted using a third party web conferencing tool, or when using Webvent hosted services.
  • Presenter Checklist – presenters can upload their documents and accept your Terms and Conditions on their own.
  • Manage Teamwork improvements.  Teamwork between multiple organizations – the Association, the Media Sales Organization, the Presenter, and the Webcast Hosting Organization- is now more efficient.

4. Communities can offer ‘Category’ level sponsorships
In addition to the existing Webinar and Community sponsorships, customers can now offer “Category”- level sponsorships for more specific targeting by suppliers and advertisers.

5. We also made several small adjustments that our dedicated users will notice

  • Products Showcase now lists upgraded companies’ products first
  • Product title links to the company profile page
  • Customers can add their own Google Analytics profile account ID to track their community web traffic
  • Company Profiles include their external Web Site URL under their “Information” module
  • Our corporate web site has been upgraded at www.webvent.tv with new Home, Products, and Customers pages

About Webvent
Webvent creates online marketplaces for Associations, Trade Shows, Publishers, and other B2B environments.  Based on Webvent’s Adaptive Media Network technology we allow presenters to demonstrate thought leadership to interested audiences, and advertisers to leverage their most important marketing assets.  With a platform that adapts to our customer’s needs, Webvent can provide new sources of sustainable revenue, audience value, and supplier engagement to your organization.