Adding Videos to your Company Profile


Instructions for adding videos


If you want to show videos in your Company Profile, and you have upgraded your profile to a premium site listing in the Buyers Guide, then you need to add links to these videos in your Company Profile in order for those videos to appear. Webvent supports both links to YouTube videos as well as Vimeo videos.


Access the admin area of your company profile


After you access the admin area of your Company Profile you will see a grey menu on top of the admin area with the following menu options: Basics, Appearance, Content, People, Webinars, Email, Sponsors, Listings, Reports. Click on the ‘Content’ menu-item, then select the ‘Videos’ tab and click on the ‘Add Video’ button. You can add multiple videos to your Company Profile.


Add Videos

Upload your video to any of the video streaming sites. Enter the video title and url in your Company Profile. You can find the video url in YouTube for example by clicking on the ‘Share’ button after selecting your video in YouTube.



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