Adding White-Papers to your Company Profile


Instructions for adding white-papers


If you want to show white-papers (or any document) on your Company Profile, and you have upgraded your profile to a premium site listing in the Buyers Guide, then you need to add these document to your company profile in order for those to appear.


Access the admin area of your company profile


After you access the admin area of your Company Profile you will see a grey menu on top of the admin area with the following menu options: Basics, Appearance, Content, People, Webinars, Email, Sponsors, Listings, Reports. Click on the ‘Content’ menu-item, then select the ‘Documents’ tab and click on the ‘Add Document’ button.


Add White-Papers

A new window will open. You can upload a white-paper by clicking on the ‘Browse’ button and selecting an document (Word or PDF) from your files, or by linking to an image on your website for example. Please note that the file size of the document you are uploading should be less than 5 Mb!

Select one of the following document access options:

  • Public – Anyone can view this document
  • Registration Required – People must register to view this document
  • Restricted – People must sign in before they see this document exists
  • Private – Only Administrators of your company profile can view this document

After you select a white-paper and enter a document title click on the ‘Submit’ button. You can add multiple white-papers to your company profile.


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