Corporate Personality

There has been some discussion around the term ‘corporate personality’ that we use regularly at 2xhib. As originally formulated (we learned from Wikipedia), it dealt with areas of the Old Testament where the relationships between individuals and the groups that they were part of were treated.

At 2xhib we added another interpretation, which I guess is similar to the original, but more contemporary: that of showing the real people behind a company presented through videos, blogs, and tweets – and how they represent the company. Showing the flesh and blood of sales folks, engineers, and leadership of a company. The products, services, and customers, and the relationships with their partners they pitch – online.

In our definition, the corporate personality is part of the corporate identity: the branding, logo, trademarks, etc. of a company. It is how individuals (real people) of a company communicate their message to the world through new media, and are accountable for that.