How Dutch Schools World Wide Connect

The NTC (Nederlandse Taal & Cultuur) Schools community is a network of Dutch schools outside the Netherlands. These schools offer extracurricular lessons in the Dutch language and culture for children in the age of 4 to 12.

In February, the community kicked off on the platform with their first webinars in the U.S. region. On the first Thursday of each month, teachers, parents, and school directors gather around a specific topic, which is presented by one of the schools. Topics include things like: how to optimize homework, how to get sponsors, and how to organize a Dutch culture day. The most recent webinar was presented by the NTC school ‘t Klokhuis, located near New York City.

One of the directors told me that Webvent is a great platform to get together, collaborate, and learn from each other on a frequent basis. Once a year in June, teachers and board member gather in person in the Netherlands during a live event with training and workshops. But travel time and cost make it hard for everyone to attend each year. For me, it has been 5 years since my last live event, and the most valuable part of being there is to connect with teachers and hear their stories.

“We love the live component in the community NTC schools world wide and how the community is organized. We can upload and download documents, refer to recorded webinars and during webinars we get to know each other better which makes it easier to connect anytime for any specific question. We all have the same objective, which is to improve the quality of the Dutch education for our children”.

Ingeborg van Rooij, is Secretary of the first Dutch school in Boston, Community owner of NTC schools world wide, and Community Manager at