I Wish I Had This a Few Years Ago

(Guest post by Nick Kuppers)

As VP-Sales of a technology company based in The Netherlands, I was challenged with introducing our technology to the U.S. market a few years ago.  We were selling an XML database – an excellent fit for managing very complex content, such as technical publications for aircraft.

We won several great deals in the U.S. with companies like Boeing, Harley-Davidson, and Northwest Airlines.  The only problem was that very few people knew about us.  We did not have an office in the U.S., and we did not have a huge marketing budget, so we could only attend a few trade shows each year.  And social media didn’t exist yet.

If only I had the possibility to present our company to the world in a resource guide network like the ones that are launched today and could have participated in webcasts periodically to show off our uniqueness to the tech pubs community.  I am sure we would have been invited to more RFI/RFP processes that were out there.  And we would have been able to grow our U.S. presence a lot faster.

Fortunately for us, we were ‘discovered’ by one of our big competitors and were acquired by them before we even began to establish our U.S. presence.

Check it out for yourself, the Site Solutions Summit Resource Guide Network recently launched for the Clinical Research Sites community: https://network.sitesolutionssummit.com/sites