New Update to Our Platform for Online Events believes that online events should be easy and inexpensive.  This week, we will release version 6.7, which continues our progress towards these goals.

We have added Adobe Connect as a conferencing platform alongside our existing Webex option.  Connect allows up 100 participants with an excellent VOIP option for presenters and participants.  We have also added “Single Sign On” (SSO) for both Webex and Adobe Connect, so that Webvent users pass seamlessly from your event page into the live conference room without having to re-enter their name or email.

This release updates the HTML title and “meta” tags on the events landing pages, so that users who Share the page on LinkedIn or Twitter will have better default text descriptions on those networks.

Another major enhancement is the Participants search, located under “Edit Site” > People.  Organizers can now quickly assemble lists of past Participants by name, webinar, and the status of their invitation/registration/attendance.  I use this to send a follow-up email for people who have been invited, but not yet registered for an upcoming webinar.  Please don’t annoy people with excessive email, but when appropriate you can now send messages to smaller groups.

We also fixed 16 bugs and modifications.  I won’t list them here because no customers reported any of these; they just bothered me and I think the result is better now.

Let me know what you think of this release, and suggestions for future versions.  Our next release will be in about 2 weeks, and will focus on improving the event archive layout and making it easier for anyone to add new Sites and schedule Webvents.

by Rick Borry, President