Open invitation to Subject Matter Experts to Generate Income Trough Web Events

Are you a subject matter expert (SME)? Would you like to create a series of Web Events around your area of expertise, complete with vendors, speakers, and industry members, while generating income in the process?

If your answer is “yes” to these questions, I invite you to register on and create a business community for free.

Creating a community on provides vendors in your industry a year round opportunity to present themselves to the world through videos, images, downloads, and chat, in one central place. It provides visitors a rich media experience and interactive self-education opportunities, while having complete control of how they engage in those presentations. This is extremely valuable for companies who want to affiliate themselves with your name and expertise, and wants to reach out to your followers. It is also valuable for companies who are making a jump to another geographical market, or for companies who do not have huge marketing budgets to be present at every trade show or physical event. And it is a way for you to offer a vendor neutral overview to your followers or clients, who can search and compare the different vendors, access their content, and get feeds of updated information. Buyers (e.g., line of business managers looking for solutions or making a short list of potential vendors) will flock to your efficient and educational forum.

By running Web Events periodically, presenting topics of interest to your audience, you drive traffic to your community. The community engages in two-way communication and networking, while making the visitor metrics collected in your directory of vendors more valuable.

The more key vendors who join your community, the more buyers will visit your community, the more valuable the visitor metrics will become, the more lead reports will get purchased, the more revenue you generate.

Be among the first to join and share in the revenue. Until January 1st, 2011, 50% of the revenue of every lead report purchased from a community on will be shared with the community owner (see terms on our website). Don’t miss the opportunity, and register your community today or take a tour on If you do not create the community of your choice, sooner or later somebody else will.
There is no maintenance, and no risk. We host the technology to run a community, and your vendors maintain their content. You focus on attracting virtual offices into your community, and running periodic Web Events and Webinars. Leads will follow quality content. There is no financial risk: the SME or community owner do not have to invest in technology to run the business community; vendors only pay if they decide to purchase a lead report from their virtual office in that community; and buyers can decide to share their contact information, or not, with vendors they visit.