Production Checklist for Successful Webinars

Even though webinars are rising in popularity in all sorts of industry areas, how many have you participated in that have been done really well? What do you want the participants to learn and how can you set up the expectation for engagement that keeps them listening. And even more important, how can you boost webinar attendance rates?

Last week I was happy to attend Hubspot’s webinar about quick tips on producing your first webinar. The entire process of webinar production, from selecting your webinar platform through post webinar actions were included in this highly interactive online event. The most challenging subject for all attendees was how to promote and boost your webinar attendance rate. Check it out and learn best practices for crafting and promoting your webinar to drive the most leads and informed attendees.

Here at, we strive to embed these and other best practices into our webinar network platform, to create the easiest way to produce webinars within a community.