Putting the Buyer back in Buyers Guide

In their widely-acclaimed book ‘Putting the Public Back in Public Relations’,  Brian Solis and Deirdre Breakenridge describe how social media changes the rules of public relations; how blogs, social networks, and online forums have changed the dynamics of influence. Today, new information is readily shared among peers and monologue has changed to dialogue, bringing a new era of PR.

It is easy to draw a parallel with buyers guides. As with public relations, the old top-down ‘push’ model is becoming a thing of the past. Fewer people read generic messages and news releases because we have better sources of information: objective information from influencers and peers. The same counts for buyers guides. Buyers today are less interested in static listings, put together by which vendor pays the most. They want objectivity: to hear from their industry’s thought leaders and their customers. They want to hear success stories and learn from their peers. 

Solis and Breakenridge teach us in their book that social media is reinventing the aging business of PR. At Webvent we believe it is also reinventing the aging business of published buyers guides.