To Buyers Guide Publishers: “Allow Your Vendors to Join the Conversation”

Traditionally, Buyers Guides are static publications ranking the products of different vendors according to the insight of an industry expert. The publisher generates income by selling the publication and its updates, and by selling advertising space to vendors.

Sometimes these publishers are criticized for having a selection process of products determined by only a few individuals, and not actually having used all the products in contention. Also, people bring into question the accuracy of the information provided, and a bias towards certain vendors based on advertising revenue.

On the other hand, just listing contact information of all vendors in one place, without any selection process, misses several benefits. One of these benefits is search optimization: based on keywords or categories defined by the publisher, a buyer quickly gets focused search results.

With Webvent’s dynamic buyers guide technology, however, associations and publishers can allow any vendor listed in the Buyers Guide to join the conversation among buyers, industry experts, and competitors – and let them speak for themselves. Vendors can demonstrate thought leadership on specific topics through webinar presentations, and share success stories through videos, case studies, and blogs, without ‘harassing’ potential buyers with their sales pitch.

Buyers Guides are a great tool for organizations searching for a new vendor, or starting a new RFP process for a complex product or service. In a well-organized Buyers Guide, a buyer gets to hear all sides of the story and enters the purchasing process as a better-informed party.