Turn Temporary Efforts into Permanent Assets with an Events Archive

Events require time and money to organize, advertise, collect registrations, arrange speakers, and host.  Typically, this effort is lost once the event ends – the content and interactions that made the event so valuable no longer benefit the host.

Today, an effective events archive allows you to convert your events into permanent assets that drive search engine traffic and participants to your site long after the event ended.  Viewers can find information about past events and content in a variety of formats – including videos, recorded presentations, audio transcripts, and questions and feedback from the audience.

Here’s what Webvent.tv looks for in an Events Archive:

1.  Video Playback: Most live webinars are recorded and made available either for free, or for purchase at an additional cost. You should convert your webinar recording into a YouTube-compatible video, and store text transcripts of the content. This will boost your content’s usefulness to your audience and visibility to search engines.

2.  Presentation Materials: Slides, documents, and links that session Presenters used should be posted in the archive and available to participants.

3.  Public Content: We won’t join the debate about free vs. paid content here, but at least some of the webinar material should be public, for improved search engine optimization if nothing else.

4.  Organized: Content should be automatically organized into a consistent layout, on the same page as the event announcement and online event itself.

5.  Post-event follow-up:
After each event is archived, the host should send links and updates to all participants and no-shows. Also, work with your Presenter to promote the recording to their social network (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Archiving your events not only creates permanent assets for your community, but also can help grow your future events by moving your site onto page one in Google.

Webvent.tv believes that online events excellence should be easy and inexpensive.  Click here to receive a FREE “Webvent Score” that rates your events program against these best practices and more.  

Comment below if you’ve found other best practices for your Events Archive.