Webvent.tv: Matching Online and Offline Social Business Networks Through Web-based Conferences

Every business revolution brings a new way to reach potential customers. Before the Internet, vendors mailed out thousands of letters, and then followed up with cold calls to prospects. The Internet revolution brought a Web site for everyone, and it became easier to find and reach potential customers through search and email. Today we are in the social revolution, where individuals and organizations present and promote themselves to the world through online social networks.

Technologies come and go, but in business the social behavior patterns of people has been the same for decades, especially for businesses that sell their products nationally or internationally. These businesses network through trade shows and conferences, they sponsor analysts to create white-papers, they participate in Request For Proposal processes, and they pitch their companies and products directly to potential customers. Today our challenge is to provide technologies to accomplish sales goals through social networks.

We aim to do this, not by replacing in-person meetings or events with a different distribution medium (the Internet). Webvent.tv supports moderated communities (collaboration) that produce webinars, break-out sessions, and one-on-one communication, enabling connections year round, and thus increasing the visibility into potential business opportunities for all parties involved. Revenue generated from leads and sponsorships gets shared with community owners, rewarding their efforts and knowledge as moderator, while providing new income opportunities for subject matter experts to create a business for themselves around a topic or product.

Eventually, the whole social graph around the topic or product will collaborate and contribute to the success of that community for all parties involved: buyers, vendors, subject matter experts, influencers, event planners, government, media, etc. The social networks that we are creating online today simply mirror and enhance the social networks we have seen in the physical world for many years.