Why Does Webvent Share Revenue With the Community Owner?

Community owners are the experts who know their community and deliver relevant content to their audience. They are the ones who make the investment to build and maintain the community, whether it is part of their daily job, part-time activity, or personal interests. These passionate people know and love the community’s topic.

Vibrant communities require commitment from a dedicate core group, and these people should be rewarded for their time and passion. We think that many communities can benefit from a live, online component – where people meet and interact when the cost in time or travel makes face-to-face meetings impractical. On Webvent.tv, community owners can run high-quality webinars to engage and attract attendees into their community, while providing sponsors the opportunity to present themselves to these attendees. We share the revenue generated from sponsorships with the community owner, because ‘paying’ community owners for their time and passion leads to more interesting content, spurs quality conversations and connections, and most importantly: it builds the community.

by Nick Kuppers, CEO Webvent.tv