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Webinar Module and Hosted Webinar Services

Webvent manages your association’s webinar program that connects suppliers and audiences through expert presentations.  We manage the full webinar life cycle from concept to invitation, registration, live webinar, follow-up and archive



Manage Webinars From Start-to-Finish

The Webvent Process

For the live webinar itself, we use standard tools like Webex, GotoMeeting, and Adobe Connect.  These systems work great for the hour of the webinar, but we extended these for the rest of the webinar life cycle: Managing presenter profiles, sponsor profiles, public calendar, archive, and performance reports.

Contact us for our Hosted Webinar Services, which include:

  • Setup webinar web site
  • Manage presenter profiles/bios
  • Manage sponsor profiles
  • Manage webinar calendar
  • Manage staff members involved in setting up and moderating webinars
  • Manage sales team involved in selling sponsorships
  • Presenter practice session by a Webvent professional
  • Live webinar hosting by a Webvent professional
  • Live online support for attendees during webinar
  • Archiving (convert recording into YouTube/Vimeo, slides, additional materials)
  • Follow-up email to all registered people (including link to recording)
  • Reporting (who registered, attended, watched recording)

Let us manage all the technical issues during the webinar

We have experience with thousands of hours of live webinars, up to 1000 attendees at a time, and we’ve seen just about everything that can go wrong. We also have a webinar hosting room with 2 or more duplicate systems for all points of failure!

Our webinar model consists of 3 roles:

  • Host (Webvent) – Logistics Expert
  • Moderator (you or us) – Audience Expert
  • Presenter(s) – Subject-Matter Expert

The 3 roles allow each person to focus on one thing, so the webinar goes smoothly and no one panelist gets overwhelmed.


webinar pipeline white

“Our typical sponsored webinar pipeline looks like this: 10,000 emails are sent out 1 month in advance, 740 people register, and 310 join the live webinar, 410 total listeners based on audience polls of attendees sharing a single connection, 135 people request the sponsor white-paper, 50 people request a demo, 55 people view the recording within 30 days…”






1. Produce more content – With the Webvent webinar program, our customers typically increase the number of webinars they host by up to 300% in 3 years.

“In the past, a webinar was looked at as a pile of logistics and few staff members were ready and willing to take on the effort. Now, webinars are looked at fondly by staff because roles are clearly defined, a workflow is actively engaged, and confidence in the process is extremely high.”


2. Increase sponsor sales – Higher traffic lead to more sponsorship sales.

“We’ve seen a 5x increase in sponsor sales, and six-figure non-dues revenue”


3. Staff Satisfaction – Due to the convenience of the process, webinar staff loves the idea of launching new perspectives, refreshing older content, and teaching a lesson through webinars.

“It has helped our staff to sell products and programs; connect with groups that were once unreachable; and assist with recertification”


See Our Webinar Presenters In Action

These subject matter experts produce and moderate the content that brings professionals together to learn, connect, and interact with peers. If you are interested in becoming one of them, contact us.